Product Features

Sensa Feel® 

Our unique proprietary material technology that melds the firm core with the soft outer layer of a product. Sensa Feel ® gives the product an amazing feel like no other in the industry. It’s soft yet remains rigid enough to perform. While there are many varieties of “Dual Density” products in the marketplace, they are developed with minimal attention to details. At Blush, we optimize the durometers of both the core as well as the outer layers of the product. We also predetermine the thickness of each layer. Blush uses proprietary technology as a way to develop the ideal level of “softness” that gives you a better than realistic feel when you’re using Sensa Feel® products.


FlexiShaft® will give you an ideal level of stiffness and flexibility that simulates the real thing. This is just right when you need to reach a level of fulfillment. It isn’t too rigid, causing discomfort for newer users and neither is it too “floppy” to ensure you receive the level of satisfaction you are seeking. FlexiShaft® products are designed to conform to each user’s body to ensure it reaches your G- or P-Spot.

FlexiShaft® 2.0

FlexiShaft® 2.0 takes our technology to the next level. You’ll experience an ideal level of fulfillment when using products with FlexiShaft® 2.0. FlexiShaft® 2.0 features an upgraded FlexiShaft® experience with a more realistic, stiffer spine that swings back and forth for optimal G-spot stimulation. Like FlexiShaft®, this isn’t too “floppy” or “stiff” and provides you with true satisfaction during play.


UltraSilk®  is our proprietary silicone based surface treatment. This coating provides our silicone products with a silky smooth feel. Any product coated with UltrasSilk® will be easy to insert into your body, smooth to the touch, and able to be fully cleaned. In addition to its smooth texture, UltraSilk® is durable and safe to use on your body and does not drag, stick, or collect lint.


A true masterpiece in engineering. RumboTech™ is the culmination of 2 years of research and development with our inhouse engineers. RumboTech™ was specifically tuned utilizing tungsten weights to produce deep, rumbly vibrations and optimize and extend play times to satisfy all your needs. All motors utilizing RumboTech™ technology are developed to last years longer than the typical sex toy motor. All Blush products undergo strict durability and reliability testing to ensure your RumboTech™ powered Blush product is giving to you pleasure for years to come.

StayPut™ Design

Our StayPut™ engineering brings function and security to your anal play. Perfecting the art and science of plug safety, Blush’s StayPut™ ensures that once a plug is inserted in the body, it will not pop out! Instead, the plug remains secure in the body for the duration of play using the curved dip on either side of the plug’s main body. The sphincter muscles expand over the plug and tighten over the StayPut™ curve, an advanced method that compliments your desires and extends your pleasure.


At Blush we have taken thrusting power to the next level. As we know, not all thrusters are created equal. Through over a decade of listening to your feedback, extensive R&D with our team of users, experts, engineers, and creators. SmartThrust was engineered and tuned to deliver the ultimate experience. We propel our thrusters with powerful hi-torque motors so the thrusting doesn’t stop when you tighten up during play. The folds on the shaft were carefully designed to not pinch. We have carefully tuned the thrusts per minute so they are not too fast and not too slow. Blush also tuned the thrust distance between the maximum extension and maximum retraction of the shaft, optimizing this distance to reduce the need to move your hands as much. Every component has been scrutinized and optimized so you can rest assured your SmartThrust product is built to last and built to deliver maximum pleasure!

Turbo Boost

This pleasure setting is a one-touch function that will drive your toy to the highest level of powerful vibration for 15 seconds. This ensures you can find pleasure quickly when you reach the peak pleasure point during play without struggling to turn the power down or off after orgasm.

Magna Charge™

Blush knows the importance of including magnetic charging with our IPX7 waterproof products. Superior magnetic charging ensures the product remains waterproof for the lifetime of the toy. Pin charging in waterproof products creates small, micro tears in the materials, eventually leading to small leaks that will flood the electronics of a toy rendering it useless and exposing you to shock and fire hazards. We avoid this by introducing our magnetic charging in these products to maintain the integrity of the IPX7 waterproof setting without sacrifice. It’s also incredibly convenient to use, snapping on with ease!

Skin Sense™

Blush has a revolutionary new technology in Skin Sense™! Blush products with Skin Sense™ include integrated touch sensors that will start vibration when the item touches skin or light clothing and stops promptly when it ceases to touch through powerful sensors on the product. This allows for optimal privacy during play and full control over the start/stop function of your powerful products, ensuring you have all the say over when you want your product to vibrate or not without searching for the power button! Perfect for travel. No more embarrassing vibrating luggages.


Blush’s system of easy to detach pumps in our Temptasia and Performance collections allows you to mix and match accessories and fully customize your experience. No matter your product preferences or size preferences, Nterchange™ makes it simple and easy to create the perfect product to serve your unique needs.

G Motion

Through a collaboration with engineers, extensive user feedback and an expert female product team G Motion was developed to further enhance the pleasure of the g spot orgasm. G Motion Is the art of designing a form that is perfect for g spot stimulation with a body rigid enough to apply firm enough pleasure and deliver powerful vibrations to the g spot, adding a precision tuned mechanism that produces a popular come hither motion. The come hither motion mimics and improves on the motion of one’s finger caressing your g spot. You choose between the 5 unique speeds and 5 thoughtfully designed patterns. It is through this holistic approach we share with you… G Motion.


AnchorTech™ takes our anal plugs to the next level! This curved, slim-anchored base ensures the plug remains safely within the body during play and comfortable for long-term wear. Making your toy a wearable. Nestling between the cheeks, AnchorTech™ keeps the plug anal safe; no more accidental "over insertions" and is fine-tuned for your pleasure, as well as durable.


PerfectFlo™ is a suction valve control with an air hole which allows you to remain in charge of the suction power you desire on some Blush strokers. Simply peel off the sticker or slide open/close the integrated door at the bottom of the stroker and slide your finger over the rectangular hole to control the intensity of suction. This provides you with complete control over your preferred pleasure during play!