Blush products are designed with durability, safety and reliability in mind. However, sometimes things can go wrong. If this happens we are here to make things right.

The Blush limited product warranty covers your product from electronic defects. Qualified products are eligible for a one-time replacement of the original product purchased with the same MSRP. Currently, our warranty is only valid in the USA and Canada.

Before submitting a claim please visit the page for the product on our website to review troubleshooting options as well as proper usage.
What do I do when my product stops working?
If your toy stops working, begin by troubleshooting some common issues.

If your toy runs on batteries:
• Make sure to install new batteries. Alkaline batteries are recommended. Do not use rechargeable batteries, as they may burn out the motor.
• Check the battery position. Follow the guides inside the battery compartment to make sure the batteries are placed in the toy correctly.
• Make sure the battery contacts are not wet, corroded, or loose.
• Make sure to close the battery cap and cover the compartment tightly.

If your toy is rechargeable:
• Check whether the product is properly charged. Begin by plugging your charger in and attaching it to the toy.
• For toys with a pin charger, make sure the pin is pushed all the way into the opening. For toys with a magnetic charger, make sure both contacts are lined up properly with the charging contacts on the toy.
• You’ll know your toy is charging when an indicator light turns on and flashes off and on. Once the toy is fully charged and ready to use, the indicator light will stop flashing and the light will glow steadily.

If your vibrator still doesn’t work, you might be able to use your warranty for a replacement. Our warranty terms are listed above and you can file a claim here, by filling out the form below.
What's that little plastic sleeve inside my toy?
Products come with a clear plastic sheet inside the battery compartment called an insulating sleeve. DO NOT REMOVE! Removing this insulating sleeve short circuits your product and voids warranty.
How long will it take to process my claim?
You can expect your replacement product within 7-14 days after we receive your return.
What is not covered?
Damage caused by: 
• battery corrosion
• improper use 
• attempting to modify or repair product
• submerging products that are not waterproof into water
• lost or stolen products
• unpreventable natural catastrophes such as inclement weather or other natural phenomena
• melting – allowing products made of TPE, TPR and PVC to touch will cause melting of the material
Can I get a refund, a store credit or will you remove the charges from my credit card?
The warranty is only valid for one replacement of current purchased product or one of equal value with similar functions.