Our Story

Blush is a sexual health brand committed to the pursuit of pleasure with innovation, education, and inclusivity. Our mission is to enhance intimacy with thoughtful products designed to celebrate all bodies.

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Our Story:

The story of Blush began in the summer of 2007 when the founders came together with a mission: To inspire and impact the sexual wellness industry with quality, safe, innovative sexual products that are also affordable. After years of sorting through misinformation and coming across inferior quality products, they learned that the industry needed a transformation. Every idea starts with a problem, and theirs was simple. Buying safe, well made, and thoughtfully designed Sexual Wellness Products should not be difficult. Since then, Blush has strived to be at the forefront of innovation when it comes to finding new ways to enhance intimacy and pleasure for all. By listening and responding to our audience's demands, we are constantly working to create safe, innovative products accessible to all.

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We offer body-safe and high-quality intimate products.


As a responsible manufacturer, we strive to ensure that our products are free of chemicals and compounds harmful to the human body. We obtain lab testing certificates that address the European Union’s REACH safety requirements and California’s Prop 65 requirements as part of our onboarding of raw materials vendors.


We are also a third-party lab test each of our finished products to confirm that the safety and quality remain after undergoing the various manufacturing processes. This ensures the final product meets or exceeds the standards set by the various government product safety agencies and our own stringent requirements.  


We strive to create a safe space where everybody is welcomed.


We are devoted to recognizing and celebrating the needs of all bodies, but we also work to encourage sex-positive conversations, address questions and concerns, offer educational resources, and most importantly, help all live their best sex lives without being judged.


Additionally, Blush works to be inclusive of shoppers and Blush fans from all income brackets by offering accessibly priced items. We believe that authentic inclusivity requires taking action rather than simply engaging in dialogue. 


We encourage sex-positive conversation through educational and supportive resources.


Our education initiative, Blush U, offers easily accessible online training sessions, including pre-recorded and live. Hosted by our in-house sex educator, Tawney Seren, our training programs aim to support customers’ education and curiosity with free online and in-person training on product, pleasure anatomy, customer care, and business-building for adult retailers and their staff.


Additionally, we offer comprehensive sex-positive education through our social media initiatives with a mission to empower our consumers to take charge of their sexual health, confidently and guilt-free.


We aim to create sustainable pleasure products using the cleanest ways possible.


In addition to focusing on sexual wellness and pleasure, we also prioritize the environment by creating sustainable sex toys. We made history with the launch of Gaia, the first-ever sex toy line made of plant-based plastic, and each powerful eco-friendly vibrator uses fewer greenhouse gases in production and has the lightest end-of-life impact on the environment.


We also support company employees with its Go Green initiative, which offers guidance and incentives to those looking to develop more environmentally conscientious practices via driving sustainable cars. Additionally, our Hunan factory utilizes Solar power to improve energy efficiency.